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An active Industry Sector Group

An active Industry Sector Group, Euro Chlor is part of the European Chemical Industry Council (Cefic) and supports members by:

  • Providing European chlorine producing and consuming industries with a forum to represent their interests and communicating consistent messages to opinion formers on key issues faced by the industry;
  • Collaborating with international (e.g. the European Institutions and United Nations agencies) and national organisations to provide industry input and aid informed decision-making;
  • Promoting best practices in safety, environmental and health throughout the industry in accordance with the principles of Responsible Care;
  • Funding research necessary to provide scientific answers to questions on health or environmental risk associated with chlorine and its derivatives.

Euro Chlor provides :

  • A broad network of contacts with authorities, scientific experts, the media and user industries throughout Europe and the world;
  • Working parties of independent and industry specialists to undertake expert studies, create guidelines and prepare statements and position papers;
  • An extensive on-line library of technical, safety and environmental protection recommendations; workshops and seminars sharing best practices in manufacture, storage and transportation;
  • Information and assistance on industry standards, regulatory concerns and critical chlorine-related issues;
  • Access to an Extranet providing extensive information and news to industry contacts throughout the world.

Euro Chlor's mission is to ensure a healthy and sustainable future for chlorine chemistry. To achieve this, an organisation has been developed to enable the active participation of producers and users of chlorine and chlorine derivatives and by chlorine-related associations.

The Euro Chlor Secretariat, which also embraces the European Chlorinated Solvent Association and the Chloro Alkanes, consists of six executives with three support staff. Working with the Secretariat are a number of committees and working groups discussing specific topics like safety and security apects, health subjects, communications, statistics etc. These regularly meet to discuss plans, set priorities and work closely with the Secretariat on implementation or action programmes within the framework of overall strategies set by the Management Committee and budget approved by the Annual Assembly of members.

Become a member

Euro Chlor offers three types of membership: Full Member, Associate Membership and Technical Correspondant.
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Further information:

Full and Associate Memberships: Dolf van Wijk, Executive Director, dvw[a]
Technical Correspondents: Chantal Peeters, Assistant Technical Dept, cpe[a]

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