International Cooperation

International Chlorinated Alkane Industry Association

The CAPG is internationally active , contributing to the work of ICAIA. The International Chlorinated Alkane Industry Association (ICAIA) is a global grouping of major producers of chlorinated alkanes which focusses on product stewardship.  

ICAIA conference, New Delhi, November 2018

India is a major producer of chlorinate alkanes and the event in November will discuss current regulatory and business developments.

Registrations are underway via this site.

Workshop, Brussels, January 2017

The regulatory framework in Europe is one of the strongest in the world and as such, chlorinated alkanes face many challenges here. In order to help REACH registrants to meet the various requirements, the CASG and MCCP REACH registration consortia met in January 2017 to discuss ways to meet the requirements, particularly in light of the requirements for additional testing set as part of the CoRAP process.

ICAIA workshop, Beijing, April 2015

China is the world’s largest chlorinated alkane manufacturer, and in April 2015, it hosted the International Chlorinated Paraffins Conference in Beijing. This was the second workshop of its kind and was co-organised by Euro Chlor and CCAIA (China Chlor-alkali Industry Association) and hosted by CCAON (China Chlor-Alkali OnLine) 
 2015 Beijing Dolf

              Euro Chlor Executive Director, Dr. Dolf van Wijk addresses the conference

The workshop reminded participants that chlorinated alkanes provide effective solutions in many applications and products that improve and protect people’s lives worldwide.

At the same time, these products continue to be under high regulatory pressure in various parts of the world, often due to political, rather than scientific reasons. During the conference information was shared on topics such as research on health and environmental impact, social and economic benefits of CA containing products and developing best practices for risk management of CA production/ uses.

ICAIA workshop, Brussels, September 2012

In September 2012, the ICAIA organised a workshop which was attended by representatives from Europe, the United States, China and India. During the event, information on the different issues facing the industry was discussed. Each region presented details on current regulatory and scientific developments, and the ICAIA also presented information on global activities.  

The event also contained a free-form discussion on future challenges to the industry, and how these can be managed over time in order to maintain a sustainable future for chlorinated alkanes. It was agreed to continue global cooperation and information sharing., particularly regarding best practice on the use of chlorinated alkanes.  


In April 2012 the ICAIA launched an annual newsletter with the aim of establishing a regular means of communication on issues facing different areas that may have global impact. Three issues of the newsletter have been published so far and can be downloaded below. 

    ICAIA newsletter 1                         ICAIA newsletter 2                        ICAIA newsletter 3 Newsletter No. 1 - April 2012         Newsletter No. 2 - July 2013         Newsletter No. 3 - Sept 2014