Waste management

Product lifecycle management

Much of the CAs present in polymers can be easily and safely recycled back into other polymers. For example >50,000T of MCCP-containing, post-consumer PVC is recycled each year. Furthermore, CAs reduce material costs in plastics by 2-5% when used in levels of upto 10% (particularly in very flexible plastics). As an industry, we support correct waste management practices. 

Historically though, there have been many waste management processes surrounding CA’s. This document summarises and classifies waste materials likely to arise from processes using high molecular weight chlorinated alkanes (CAs) (>C10) as designated by CAS numbers 61788-76-9, 63449-39-8, 84082-38-2, 85422-92-0, 85535-84-8, 85535-85-9, 85535-86-0, 97553-43-0. Known relevant EC and USA federal standards are quoted in the document and disposal recommendations are made where official standards are not in place or are believed to be inadequate.

A directory of companies providing waste recovery services is available on request for each EU Member State. Similar data are available for the management of used oils in the USA from the Chlorinated Paraffins Industry Association.

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