CLP Recommendations

With the enactment of the Classification, Labelling and Packaging Regulation (also known as CLP, EC/1272/2008), all manufacturers and importers of chemicals into the European Community were obliged to notify the classification and labelling of manufactured and imported substances before the 3rd of January 2011.

Those companies submitting a REACH registration automatically notified the registered chemical through the REACH process.

However, those companies that manufacture or import in a lower tonnage band and hence have a later REACH registration deadline or did not submit a REACH dossier as the substance is registered under the Biocidal Products Directive (BPD) or Plant Protection Products Directive (PPPD) still had to notify the classification and labelling to ECHA before the 3rd of January 2011.

Here we include the classification and labelling information for the chemicals monitored by Euro Chlor. These have been agreed to by the REACH registration groups and/or BPD registration groups. While for many of our substances the classification is somewhat harmonised under CLP, industry is required to assess further endpoints and use more stringent classification if required. 

Access the documents by clicking on the names of the substances below:

Chlorine,  CAS 7782-50-5,  EC 231-959-5,  11 Nov 2011

Sodium hydroxide,  CAS 1310-73-2,  EC 215-185-5,  9 Jul 2012 

Sodium hypochlorite,  CAS 7681-52-9,  EC 231-668-3,  28 Mar 2011

Hydrogen chloride,  CAS 7647-01-0,  EC 231-595-7,   24 Nov 2010  

Calcium hypochlorite,  CAS 7778-54-3,  EC 231-908-7,  19 Nov 2010

Potassium hydroxide,  CAS 1310-58-3,  EC 215-181-3,  19 Nov 2010 

Potassium carbonate,  CAS 584-08-7,  EC 209-529-3,  19 Nov 2010

1,2-Dichloroethane (EDC),  CAS 107-06-2,  EC 203-458-1,  19 Nov 2010 

Dichloromethane,  CAS 75-09-2,  EC 200-838-9,   25 Nov 2010 

Chloroform,  CAS 67-66-3,  EC 200-663-8,   25 Nov 2010

Carbon tetrachloride,  CAS 56-23-5,  EC 200-262-8,   25 Nov 2010

Trichloroethylene,  CAS 79-01-6,  EC 201-167-4,   25 Nov 2010 

Tetrachloroethylene,  CAS 127-18-4,  EC 204-825-9,   25 Nov 2010 

 More information on CLP, including legislation and guidance, can be found on the ECHA website.


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Biocides and Science Manager
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