EU Risk Assessments

The EU Existing Substance Regulation

Within Europe, concern regarding the potential risks of chemicals has been an EU policy priority since the late 1980s. In 1993 the Council Regulation (EEC) 793/93 - better known as the Existing Substances Regulation (ESR) - was adopted to provide a legislative framework for the evaluation and control of "existing" chemical substances.

Euro Chlor and its members were involved in risk assessments of chlorinated chemicals identified as priorities under the ESR. Risk assessment takes into account both the hazardous properties of a chemical and the degree to which people and the environment are exposed. Managing the risk, therefore, involves a number of steps - gathering data on the intrinsic properties and the use and exposure of the substance; assessing the risk; ascertaining whether the risk is acceptable; and, where necessary, implementing reduction measures to minimise risk. This program has largely been superseded by the REACH work.

You can find the dossier of a particular substance in the ESIS database.