Producers have  worked steadily together through Euro Chlor over the past 20 years to respond to environmental or health concerns and improve public acceptance of chlorine and its derivatives. Indeed, the Euro Chlor sustainability programme was the first ever within the European chemical industry!

Through Euro Chlor, a 10 year programme was defined with measurable sustainability indicators set for 2010. Agreeing these targets was an important step in the industry's strategy to improve performance by addressing the "triple bottom line" of sustainability:

  • Environmental protection
  • Social added value
  • Economic viability

For this first programme, the focus was particularly made on environmental protection and workers safety and we reported annually on progress made.

In September 2011, a second ten-year Sustainability Programme was presented. This Programme continues monitoring concrete parameters and reporting yearly on the trends. Furthermore, the external communications dimension will be enhanced and supported by communications actions that underline for a wide range of stakeholders the intrinsically positive contributions of chlorine-based chemistry to society.

Read more about the Euro Chlor Sustainability Programmes in the documents hereafter and in the Sustainability Programme brochure (PDF). Also check the pages on the sustainable chlor-alkali industry.

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