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DirkDirk Clotman
Euro Chlor Communications Manager
Tel. +32-2-676 73 51
Mobile +32-473 83 79 64
My personal e-mail is dcn [at]

Please note that Euro Chlor has no commercial activities: we do not buy or sell any product and have no business related data. The “17 pin” action and the sending of other free Euro Chlor gadgets has been stopped. Please do not send us any more mail about this

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Please do not forget to complete your full address (including postal code, country name etc.) when ordering printed publications or when giving feedback on the "make-your-own-chlorine" experiment  

عزيزي الزائر لهذا الموقع،  لقد تم توقيف إرسال المفاتيح ببين
17' وماشابه بالمجان من طرف أورو كلور. نرجوا عدم إرسال طلبات ورسائل بهذا الخصوص لمؤسستنا،
سنكون مضطرين لتجاهلها.

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Euro Chlor and its ECSA and Chlorinated Paraffins Sector Groups are located at

Avenue E Van Nieuwenhuyse
4 (Serenitas), B-1160 Brussels
Tel: + 32 2 676 72 11
Fax: + 32 2 676 72 41


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