GreenFacts and chlorine

Sound scientific studies about chlorine chemistry

GreenFacts publishes in three languages (ENG-FR-SP) on its website, and in an accessible language, to the non-specialist faithful and peer reviewed summaries of key international reports on science and the environment. This  under the control of an independant scientific board (all its members are from the Academia or official institutions worldwide.

The organisation has published several reports on chlorine linked issues. Sound scientific studies with crisp and clear conclusions.

> Discover the GreenFacts studies related to chlorine chemistry.

What is GreenFacts?GreenFacts Homepage

The mission of GreenFacts is to bring complex scientific consensus reports on health and the environment to the reach of non-specialists.

GreenFacts publishes clear and faithful summaries of existing scientific reports on environmental and health topics: GreenFacts Digests,GreenFacts Co-Publications and simplified Citizens' summarieswith DG SANCO and short Highlights of recently published reports.

GreenFacts is an independent non-profit organization with a multi-stakeholder governance and a non-advocacy policy.

Check out the GreenFacts website and discover a wonderful but real world of true science!.

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