New Chlor-Alkali Industry Review released

Monday, September 27, 2010

New Chlor-Alkali Industry Review released Brussels, 27 September 2010. Euro Chlor, representing the European Chlor-Alkali industry, has presented its new Chlorine Industry Review at the occasion of its Annual General Meeting. It gives an overview of the most important dossiers the federation has been working on in the past eighteen months, presents the progress achieved in the sectoral sustainability programme and lists detailed data on the chlor-alkali sector in Europe.

COVER_RA 2009_Web -Border ShadowIn his introduction, Executive Director Alistair Steel states that the vogue of substitution calls for vigilance: "The full frontal attack on chlorine which occurred in the nineties may have diminished but chlorine containing substances are still the subject of attention today". And Steel adds: "Of much concern is the manner in which some decisions are taken: I refer to the cavalier use of the Precautionary Principle where the risk based decision-making process is pushed aside".

On a less controversial note, the Review shows that investment in new membrane plants to replace mercury based ones continues even in the austere economic climate in which the industry still operates. Membrane technology now accounts for 50% of installed capacity, on track with the sector's voluntary commitment to have converted all mercury based chlor alkali capacity by 2020.

Within the energy arena the Emission Trading Scheme debate continues. "Optimism remains high that we will succeed in achieving some measure of state aid compensation for carbon inflated electricity prices but the level is very much in question with the real effect of carbon leakage being challenged", Steel concludes.

In the first chapter the Review presents details on the progress made in the Euro Chlor sustainability programme, launched in 2001. This programme monitors fourteen performance indicators and sets improvement goals for them.

The other chapters give an overview of the main dossiers and issues Euro Chlor recently has been dealing with in the fields of Regulatory Affairs, Science and Communication & Education.

Finally, the Review shows the latest figures on chlorine and caustic production and uses, as well as the most important data on the European chlorine producing member companies. The necessary contact addresses and websites complete this interesting publication.

You can download The Chlorine Industry Review (pdf) or it can be ordered free of cost:  E-mail us with the Euro Chlor contact form

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