The benefits of chlorine chemistry derived products

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

By launching a completely new website about the many advantages and benefits of chlorine-based chemistry, the Euro Chlor Federation reinforces its communication illustrating the unique position of chlorine as a base chemical.

The website describes chlorine chemistry based applications in ten areas of everyday life, from feeding the planet to transportation solutions and home comfort.

ChlorineThings homepage

It is a fact that apart from the appreciated applications for disinfecting drinking water and swimming pools, the variety of other uses of chlorine chemistry is relatively unknown. So the Euro Chlor Federation, regrouping the chlorine producing companies in Europe, created a website showing and explaining many dozens of these other chlorine chemistry applications.

The visitors of the site learn more about chlorine things in our stomach, about how to swim faster than a fish, the way solar cells are produced and how pavements can clean polluted air. You can watch videos about how chlorine reacts with metals, and how virtually all communication has links with chlorine chemistry. You can even enjoy an animated recipe for producing real chlorine in your own kitchen!

Euro Chlor is also eager to know how its website visitors think about chlorine chemistry. This is why interactive buttons on the homepage offer different possibilities for dialogue with the Federation. Visitors can post links to chlorine-related videos or just ask any chlorine-related question and… win a nice gift in the process!
Click-through links allow visitors to connect with all major chlorine industry websites worldwide.

Just visit and start a fascinating journey through the chlorine universe!