Produce your own chlorine! - Produis ton propre chlore! - Получим самостоятельно хлор!

Perform your own electrolysis. My own WHAT? Well, electrolysis: a chemical reaction between the electrons of electric current and the ions of a dissolved substance

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You can for instance produce some real chlorine gas (a very limited quantity of course) by applying electrolysis on a salt-in-water solution!

Complicated? Not at all. At least not on a 'kitchen-scale' :-) See here how you do it:

  1. Download a full description of the experiment here
  2. View the video animation of the experiment
  3. Check out the list of the stuff you need:
  4. The basic raw materials are a glass of salt water: +/- 2 teaspoons of kitchen salt per glass. Stir well.
  5. Of course we ONLY use a low voltage power source: a 4.5 Volt battery. Effictive but not expensive!
  6. The electrodes that conduct the current are two standard pencils, sharpened at each side. We fix these via two holes in a piece of cardboard.
  7. The electrodes go into the salted water (tape the cardboard onto the glass for stability) and we connect them to the battery with two stripped electric wires.
  8. The chlorine production starts nearly immediately at the pencil connected to the + pole. At the pencil connected to the - pole, another gas is formed: hydrogen. In the water, a third substance is generated (at low concentration): sodium hydroxide. Smell the swimming pool smell above the glass. You've just produced your own chlorine!Electrolysis-3

♦ Please respect these safety rules:

  1. Perform the experiment in a well ventilated room
  2. As a power source, use ONLY a 4.5V battery
  3. Do not drink the water afterwards


Téléchargez ici la description française de l'expérience qui vous permettra de produire un peu de chlore dans votre propre cuisine.

Regardez l'animation vidéo de l'expérience (en anglais)

Faites l'expérience uniquement dans une chambre bien ventilée. Utilisez unisuement une batterie 4,5 V. Ne buvez pas l'eau aprés l'expérience.

(Russian section: special thanks to Sergey Shimanovski)


(Special thanks to Sergey Shimanovski)

Скачать здесь русский перевод эксперимента. Сделать свой собственный хлора в вашей кухне!

Просмотр видео анимация эксперимента (на английском языке).

Сделайте эксперимент, в хорошо проветриваемом помещении. В качестве источника питания используйте только 4.5V батарея. Не пейте воду после.