Science Publications

The principal goal of the Euro Chlor science programme is to provide scientifically-sound data and information to enhance the European chlorine industry's credibility and prospects for long-term sustainability.

Euro Chlor works with experts from its member companies as well as independent scientists to develop scientific information addressing health and environmental issues. This information aims to enhance stakeholders' knowledge of chlorine issues. The stakeholders include scientists, regulators and the general public.

Science Dossiers

Science Dossier 15The Science Dossiers aim to improve the understanding of key topics related to the chlorine industry in order to support science-based decision-making.

They intend to provide objective scientific information helping to improve the credibility and transparency of the chlorine industry.

Discover the Science Dossiers in our Download Centre.


Focus on Chlorine Science (FOCS)

Cover page FOCS to illustrateFocus on Chlorine Science is a Euro Chlor series of science issues which aims to clarify and consolidate scientific research in the field of chlorine chemistry.

The very accessible and easy to read documents facilitate the knowledge gathering of scientists, regulators and key decision makers, but also journalists, teachers and anyone interested in chlorine chemistry.

Discover the FOCS series in our Download Centre.

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