The European Chlor-Alkali Industry today

The article on this page gives an overview of the most important topics the European Chlor-Alkali industry is dealing with today. It has been published in the February issue of the global chemical magazine "Chemical Today".

Dolf van WijkThe full article is in fact an interview that Dr. Dolf van Wijk, Executive Director of Euro Chlor, gave to the Magazine. He discusses seven topics: 

1. An overview of the Chlor-Alkali industry in Europe
2. Developing innovative breakthroughs and turning new ideas into products and solutions is the task of chemical companies; but a supportive environment of modern evidence-based policy is also essential
3. The Chlor-Alkali manufacturing sector continues to be one of the energy-intensive industries in the EU. What are the implications of the same and your suggestions on improving the energy efficiency & cost-effectiveness?
4. The chlorine industry in Europe and factors affecting the competitiveness of the industry
5. Policy landscape that governs theChlor-Alkali industry in Europe. Have you got any suggestions for improvement?
6. Challenges faced by the Chlor-Alkali industry in Europe
7. Any advice for Chlor-Alkali manufacturers in emerging markets?

Read here the full interview with Dolf van Wijk.