The Chlorine Industry Review

The annual 'Chlorine Industry Review' is the reference publication on the European chlorine and caustic soda industry.

It gives an overview of the Euro Chlor sustainability programme that just concluded its first decade. Furthermore, the reader gets a detailed insight on the facts and figures of the sector and a map shows all the production sites and their capacities. The regulatory and scientific dossiers that have been managed by the Euro Chlor federation are briefly explained and the important communications activities are highlighted.

Industry Review 2016-2017View and read the latest Chlorine Industry Review 2016-2017 here.

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Review 2016 Industry Review 2014-2015 Review 2013-2014 Review 2012-2013 Review 2011-12


Annualreview --2010-190 Review 2009 Review 2008

The covers of the three Chlorine Industry Reviews above illustrate the essence of chorine production and - as such - the three raw materials linked to it: salt (cover 2010) dissolved in water (2009) results in brine through which an electric current (2008) is sent in order to produce chlorine and caustic soda. The trinity of the chlor-alkali industry

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