All technical publications

Through the Euro Chlor Technical Publications you can access the accumulated experience of our members to ensure the best health, safety and environmental protection practices in the manufacture, handling and use of chlor-alkali products.

Our database of technical publications is continuously updated with the revision of existing documents and is expanded when new documents are produced.

In addition, there are documents such as conferences proceedings and specific position papers which do not undergo any changes.

Many of the documents are highly technical, specifically produced to assist producers in setting or upgrading their own standards and policies to ensure consistency with European industry recommendations.

  • If you are not involved in the chlor-alkali industry, but are interested in obtaining one of our publications you can search for them via several criteria. In the list of the documents you will obtain, check those of your specific interest en submit your request. The documents will be mailed to you.
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  • If you are employed by a Euro Chlor member company (full member, associate member or technical correspondent), technical publications are freely available on our Members' intranet, via the software SharePoint.
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Living documents

These include guidelines, codes of practice and recommendations on:

  • Technical and safety aspects for chlorine producers and users (document name: GEST)
  • Environmental protection (document name: ENV PROT)
  • Health protection (document name: HEALTH)
  • Analysis (document name: ANALYTICAL)

Other documents

These include:

  • Technology conference presentations (document name: TSEM)
  • Position papers (document name: PP)
  • Technical information documents (document name: TID)
  • Documents on Incidents (document name: GEST AP

NB: When documents are updated, sometimes one is merged into another.

  • Last update of the Technical Publications list: 07/2017
  • THE reference publication for the European Chlor-Alkali industry: The Chlorine Industry Review

Documents being updated

The documents below will be updated in the forthcoming six months. If you have recommendations, idea’s wishes which could be incorporated in these documents please inform Ton Manders ( 


  • GEST 06/318 - Valve Requirements and Design for Use on Liquid Chlorine
  • GEST 75/46 - Pneumatic Operated Valves for Use on Rail and Road Tankers and ISO-Containers for Liquid Chlorine
  • GEST 76/53 - Code of Good Practice for Installation, Removal and Maintenance of Pneumatic Valves on Road and Rail Tankers and ISO-Containers for Liquid Chlorine
  • GEST 80/85 - Code of Good Practice for Installation Removal and Maintenance of Manual Operated Chlorine Valves
  • GEST 86/128 - Procedure for Approval of Process Valves for Use on Liquid Chlorine
  • GEST 86/129 - Procedure for an Independent Assessment of Process Valves for Use on Liquid Chlorine, Prior to Consideration for Euro Chlor Approval
  • GEST 88/134 - Stud Bolts, Hexagon Head Bolts and Nuts for Liquid Chlorine
  • GEST 90/162 - Emergency Transfer of Liquid Chlorine
  • GEST 93/180 - Specification for Flanged Steel Ball Valves - Packed Gland- for Use on Liquid Chlorine
  • GEST 94/201 - Procedure for Verification of Pneumatic Operated Valves for Use on Rail and Road Tankers and ISO-Containers for Liquid Chlorine
  • GEST 96/220 - Specifications of Weld Repairs during Manufacturing of Cast Valves for Liquid and Dry Gaseous Chlorine