Technology - Safety, Health and Environmental Protection

One of the important roles of Euro Chlor is to work on the continuous improvement of the Health, Safety and Environmental performance of its members.

This is done by the exchange of practical experiences of the member companies. This collective knowledge and experience is published in guidelines, best practices documents, position papers etc.

In order to enhance the information sharing Euro Chlor organizes every three year a Technology Conference.

The HSE performance of our members is monitored via the Sustainability Survey. The results are published on a yearly basis in our Chlorine Industry Review.

Additionally, Euro Chlor gathers technically-sound data and information to support the communication and advocacy work of the association. Through such information sharing, Euro Chlor seeks to enhance the European chlorine industry's credibility and prospects for long-term sustainability.

The important pillars of the Technical and Safety group in Euro Chlor are:

1. Safety workshops 2018

As part of an on-going commitment to a safe and sustainable industry, three significant safety workshops will be hosted this year in Mexico, Australia and Belgium. 

Check it out here.

2.Incident sharing

The sharing of information about incidents and near misses is the start and most important pillar of collecting knowledge on things that can go wrong in the production installations and which are the basis of diving our best practices and common knowledge. The incidents are shared amongst the members via the safety newsletters and the publication of the incident reports on our SharePoint document website. The lessons learned are reflected in our guidelines and position papers.

2. Documents

The best practices are collected and made available for the broader community via recommendations, position papers, health documents, analytical methods, and presentations given during the Technology conferences.

All the documents are available in pdf format.

The list of available documents can be found on this website which also gives the option to request for certain documents. Our members can have direct access to our documents via their SharePoint login.

3. Valves

Euro Chlor has made specifications and recommendations for process valves and valves on transport containers. More details can be found on these webpages: