A sustainable industry

In the past the chlorine chemistry was often regarded as unsustainable, because of problems that arose with certain chlorine derivatives, now no longer produced or emissions, now considerably reduced.

The 21st century needs a sustainable chlorine industry. Already, our first sustainability programme has delivered major improvements across a broad range of our key impacts, and it has focused companies throughout the sector on the areas where further improvements can most beneficially be made.

Our first sustainability programme, announced in 2001, dedicated to providing scientific data that are the essential basis for systematic risk assessment and focused risk management. It has not only shown the industry's collective commitment to sustainable development. It has shown the ability to lead and deliver major improvements, bringing all in the industry towards the standards of the best.

The route towards further improving this balance to create a yet more sustainable chlorine industry is charted, and the second stage of the journey has begun.

We look forward to reporting, over the next 10 years period, how the chlorine industry has continued to deliver more for society, from less.

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