Hydrogen from chlor-alkali production: as green as green can be


In its taxonomy on financing sustainable growth within the context of the Green Deal, the European Commission (EC) is defining the criteria for green hydrogen produced from water electrolysis and does not yet consider chlor-alkali electrolysis. With this illustrative infographic, Euro Chlor shows that hydrogen produced from chlor-alkali electrolysis scores even better in terms of energy efficiency. Less electricity is needed to produce 1kg of hydrogen from chlor-alkali electrolysis than water electrolysis. The climate neutrality of the electricity used is key here to determine the green nature of the produced hydrogen.

What’s more, hydrogen is obtained as a by-product in chlor-alkali production, the starting point of many value chains such as health protection, construction, green energy and digital devices. For more information click here. For more information, contact Euro Chlor Regulatory Affairs Manager Kristof May at