Focus on Chlorine Science (FOCS)

Cover page FOCS to illustrateFocus on Chlorine Science is a Euro Chlor series of science issues which aims to clarify and consolidate scientific research in the field of chlorine chemistry. The very accessible and easy to read documents facilitate the knowledge gathering of scientists, regulators and key decision makers.

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FOCS01-Chlorination by-products  - What are the chlorinated by-products when you disinfect?
FOCS03A-Risk assessment and cycling of natural organochlorines - PartA 
FOCS03B-Risk assessment and cycling of natural organochlorines - PartB 
FOCS04-Life cycle assessment 
FOCS06-Chlorinated swimming pools and respiratory health 
FOCS07-Metallic mercury: the health effects of long-term, low to moderate exposures 
FOCS08-Bioaccumulation  - Substance storage in living organisms
FOCS09 - Assessing the Risks of Persistent Organic Pollutants to Top Predators 
FOCS10 - Passive Sampling 
FOCS11-The challenge of science-based decision making  - Vulnerabilities of the science to policy process and how to protect it