Euro Chlor is working to continuously improve the health of European chlor-alkali industry workers

To achieve this, occupational physicians and health and safety specialists from within the Euro Chlor membership work together to address items of potential concern.


The Euro Chlor Health Working Group has produced several documents and training sessions which aim to prevent occupational health hazards from impacting the thousands of people directly employed in the production of chlor-alkali. These have been made available, in several languages, to plant workers. This is in addition to:

  • Recommendations on working within electromagnetic fields associated with chlor-alkali production;
  • Recommendations on personal protective equipment;
  • Workshops on safe and healthy decommissioning of mercury chlor-alkali plants;
  • Monitoring the mercury levels in workers in the rare case of problems;
  • Raising awareness on stress and burnout on workers in our industry;
  • Following new emerging risks to worker health.

Many of their recommendations are included in the technical documents available on this site.