Home Care

Chlor-alkali chemistry keeps our homes comfortable and safe.

Over 230 years ago, ‘bleach’ was discovered and has since proven to be a very effective disinfecting agent. As dilute sodium hypochlorite, very few bacteria are able to resist it. However, it must be handled with care and never used with acidic liquids (like those that unblock drains) as this can lead to the formation of chlorine gas.

Our homes are also kept safe by reducing the risks of household fire. Chlorine-containing flame retardants prevent fires from spreading and also from quickly producing smoke, the main cause of injury.

Polyurethane is found in flexible foams for furniture padding and can be formed in a complex chemical reaction in which chlorine chemistry plays a vital role. These create comfortable chairs and beds for us to enjoy our spare time.

Chlor-alkali also helps around the home in areas such as:

  • Chlorinated solvents at dry-cleaners to get our clothes ready for your big day,
  • Cleaning up kennels and catteries to keep our pets healthy. Julie, an animal carer, really appreciates this particular aspect of chlor-alkali chemistry,
  • Strong and attractive doors, sidings and fascias made from aluminium, which is purified by caustic soda,
  • Strong and long-lasting PVC windows are versatile, require little maintenance and provide good insulation performance in double-glazed windows.
  • PVC is also an important chlor-alkali product found in strong and durable water pipes

Your home comfort is all thanks to chlor-alkali chemisty as explained in this video. Learn how Julie the Animal Carer, Paul The Dry-Cleaner and Julie the Hotelier are using chlor-alkali.