Chlor-alkali chemistry is playing a key role in innovative technologies.

Many of the gadgets we use every day, including smart phones, tablets and laptops rely on efficient computing chips to help keep us all connected. These chips are made from silicon which is purified using hydrochloric acid.

Chlor-alkali chemicals also help in other modern technologies:

  • Neodymium chloride helps amplify signals in trans-Atlantic communication cables but is also used to form lasers that are used in eye-surgery, dentistry and chemical analysis;
  • Chlorine gas helps to purify titanium dioxide which is being used in pavement coatings to remove polluting street gases. This titanium dioxide is also being used in 3D printers to make radiation shielding for the International Space Station.
  • Light-weight prosthetic limbs and credit cards are all made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a key chlor-alkali material;
  • Hydrogen, a key chlor-alkali co-product, can be used in fuel cells as a potential future energy source.

However, it’s not all work, many technologies that help us have fun also rely on chlor-alkali chemistry. Check these out in this video. Or lean more about Tuan, an IT specialist relies on such materials every day to keep his colleagues online.