About Chlor-alkali

Chlor-alkali chemistry is the foundation of many products that make our lives safe, healthy and more comfortable.

It is made by a relatively simple process that involves combining salt, water and electricity. From these ingredients, chlorine and caustic soda/ potash are produced. Even hydrogen can be made from this electrochemical reaction.
From the many products that can be made from these, Euro Chlor works closely with several key Cefic groups supporting these chemistries.

You can see the range of chlor-alkali products on these pages.

On these pages, you can also learn about how the different substances are made

What is chlorine?

What is caustic soda?

What is hydrogen?

What are potassium derivatives?

How are chlorine and caustic soda made?

Mercury cell process

Membrane cell process

Diaphragm cell process

Raw materials

Chlorine in nature