Euro Chlor Mid-Century Strategy

Building a safe, competitive, green chlor-alkali industry for Europe.

Making chlor-alkali is simple; you only need salt, water and electricity.

But chlor-alkali is the foundation of thousands of different products to keep us safe, healthy and comfortable.

It will also play a part in making products to meet global Sustainable Development Goals. This essential chemistry will also help Europe achieve its Green Deal ambitions.

However this product cannot be easily transported into and around Europe. As such, a vibrant, local industry is needed to ensure these essential products remain readily available.

To safeguard our industry in the coming years, Euro Chlor is proud to present it’s strategy for 2050. It will ensure we remain safecompetitive and green.

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What is Euro Chlor doing?

Euro Chlor’s Mid-Century Strategy (MCS) features a new Vision and Mission:

Vision: Towards a safe, competitive, climate neutral and circular European chlor-alkali industry.

Mission:… a safe and competitive supplier of chlor-alkali products and an integral part of Europe’s climate neutral and circular economy transition.

The European chlor-alkali industry aims to become a safety leader, competitive supplier, circularity champion and climate neutral player.

These are the four key elements of the Euro Chlor MCS. But how will we get there…?

Goals and targets are being set for 2030 and 2050 to ensure that safe, competitive and green chlor-alkali is available into the next century.

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