The chlorine universe

17Chlorine is the natural chemical element that is ranking 17th in the famous Periodic Table, also called Mendeleev's Table. This table regroups all today's known elements, natural ones and man-made elements.

The number 17 is important to us (it even appears in our logo!) as it is the place where you can find chlorine in Mr Mendeleev's table, the well-known Periodic Table (chemists say: 17 is the atomic number of chlorine) that groups all known chemical elements. Chlorine is special: it is so highly reactive that in nature you will hardly find it in its pure, molecular form as chlorine gas (Cl2). But thousands of chlorinated chemical compounds exist, natural ones and compounds produced by man

Very often, this wide range of compounds starts with the production of chlorine itself. Worldwide, an impressive chlorine producing industry provides downstream product lines with the pure chlorine molecules. From there on, chlorine constitutes a building block in thousands of products that make life safer, healthier, easier, more comfortable, more energy efficient: in one word, more innovative. Chlorine chemistry enables solutions through innovation.

Chlorine chemistry helps tackling today's and tomorrow's major problems on the planet:feeding, housing and keeping an ever growing world population healthier, saving energy and help generating sustainable energy resources, assure enough mobility and telecommunications, respect Nature while helping Mankind to move on sustainably.

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