What is chlorine used for?

Chlorine has a huge variety of uses. Most mothers know and appreciate chlorine as a disinfectant in the form of the liquid hypo, which is also widely used for disinfecting hospital rooms, in butcheries and abattoirs. But chlorine is much and much more...

Chlorine is used worldwide to supplies as the ultimate defence against waterborne microbiological infection. Modern day cholera epidemics in Peru, Africa and other regions but also after natural catastrophes like earth quakes or tsunamis exemplify the devastating consequences of contaminated water and poor sanitation.
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In Europe, about 1/3 of all produced chlorine is used for the syntheses of the plastic PVC (polyvinyl chloride) - well-know in construction for panels, doors, window frames and flooring materials. Chlorine also plays a role in the production of polycarbonate for roof panels, car lamps and safety goggles and of polyurethane for insulation materials, shoe soles, mattresses and seat comfort fillings. 
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Medicine and Safety

Chlorinated substances intervene in many agrochemicals and in the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals - either in the synthesis of active substances or in the formula itself, for instance to make organic active compounds water soluble.
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Better standard of living

Chlorine also plays a critical role in the production of thousands of commercial products we use in everyday life. Products relying on chlorine's unique properties include everyday household items such as computer hardware, mobile phones and other electronic devices, sports shoes, automotive parts. Read more information on the chlorine applications website http://www.chlorinethings.eu/   

High-tech applications

But chlorine is also very important in very high-tech  applications like bullet-proof vests, ultra-pure silicon chips for solar panels and computer chips, epoxy resins for restoring old building and polycarbonate roofing panes for design sports stadiums. Read more about these applications on Read more information on the chlorine applications website http://www.chlorinethings.eu/   

Discover dozens of chlorine based applications!

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