Safe water - Chlorine fights cholera in Africa  

<p><strong>Safe water</strong> - Chlorine fights cholera in

Using the power of the sun  

<p>Using the <strong>power of the sun</strong></p>

The titanium jaw thanks to chlorine  

<p><strong>The titanium jaw</strong> thanks to chlorine</p>

Chlorine in the pool? Go clean into the pool  

<p><strong>Chlorine in the pool?</strong> Go <strong>clean</strong>
into the pool</p>

Brighten up your feast: metal chlorides for colourful sparks  

<p><strong>Brighten up your feast:</strong>&nbsp;metal chlorides
for colourful sparks</p>

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February 2014 Chlorine Production

In February 2014 the European chlorine production reached 789,892 tonnes....


The benefits of chlorine chemistry derived products

By launching a completely new website about the many advantages and benefits of chlorine-based chemistry, the Euro Chlor Federation reinfor...


January 2014 Chlorine Production

In January the European chlorine production reached 821,305 tonnes. ...

The Chlorine Universe

For our 100s of Russian and French speaking visitors we translated our page 'produce your own chlorine' in Russian / French<


Safety & Technology

The Euro Chlor approved process valves page has been updated. Check it out here.


Communications Corner

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Chlorine Industry Issues

Biocidal chlorine products: immediate action may be needed!

All companies that manufacture or import biocidal active substances have an obligation to submit to ECHA either an active substance dossier or a letter of access to such a dossier.


NEW: Chlor-alkali BREF document finalised

The BAT conclusions have become legally binding. Mercury production technology must be stopped before 11 December 2017.