Safe water - Chlorine fights cholera in Africa  

<p><strong>Safe water</strong> - Chlorine fights cholera in

Using the power of the sun  

<p>Using the <strong>power of the sun</strong></p>

The titanium jaw thanks to chlorine  

<p><strong>The titanium jaw</strong> thanks to chlorine</p>

Chlorine in the pool? Go clean into the pool  

<p><strong>Chlorine in the pool?</strong> Go <strong>clean</strong>
into the pool</p>

Brighten up your feast: metal chlorides for colourful sparks  

<p><strong>Brighten up your feast:</strong>&nbsp;metal chlorides
for colourful sparks</p>

News & Events


Dolf van Wijk new Executive Director of Euro Chlor

Dolf van Wijk has been appointed Executive Director of the Euro Chlor Federation as from July 1st, 2015...


April 2015 Chlorine Production

In April, the European chlorine production stood at 741,019 tonnes....


March 2015 Chlorine Production

In March, the European chlorine production reached 821,679 tonnes....

The Chlorine Universe

For our 100s of Russian and French speaking visitors we translated our page 'produce your own chlorine' in Russian / French<


Safety & Technology

The Safety Leadership Workshop on September 15th aims at improving safety awareness amongst top management. Be there!</


Communications Corner

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Chlorine Industry Issues

2015 International Chlorinated Paraffins Conference - Beijing

China, the world’s largest chlorinated paraffin manufacturer, has hosted last April in Beijing the 2015 International Chlorinated Paraffins Conference.


Minamata Convention on mercury

The World Chlorine Council has consistently requested that mercury from the decommissioning of manufacturing operations can continue to be used within the chlor-alkali sector.