What do buildings and chocolate have in common…?



…they are both made more ‘tasteful’ using chlor-alkali!

Chlor-alkali is used in many different building materials

From PVC in window frames and plumbing, to polyurethane insulation to improve energy efficiency and decorative aluminium panels, chlor-alkali helps in the production of many important construction materials.

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.. and is also used to make chocolate more tasty.

Whilst not found in the final product, chlor-alkali chemicals are important in the safe production of many different foods. It is used to make vanilla ice cream, certain types of bread and also in chocolate. Potassium carbonate can be made from potassium hydroxide, an important chlor-alkali product. Here, this chemistry can help to carefully enhance the flavour of your favourite sweet treat.

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Chlor-alkali is vital for many products in our daily life.