Incident Reporting and Experience Sharing Workshop - Brussels, Belgium

12.06.2018 - 13.06.2018
Brussels, Belgium

Sharing knowledge from incidents, and the lessons learned, is one of the cornerstones of the continuous improvement of Euro Chlor’s safety advice.

However, this is sometimes easier to say than to do!  The number of incident reports that have been shared over recent years is rather low, compared to the number of incidents reported by Euro Chlor members in the sustainability review.

One of the new initiatives underway to address this is a workshop on incident reporting and experience sharing, which will take place in Brussels on 12 & 13 June 2018.

During the workshop, Euro Chlor Member Company will draw on use a variety of case studies to identify to optimise opportunities for information sharing. As of March 2018, 27 participants from 16 companies have registered for the workshop.

Ton Manders, Technical & Safety Director, Euro Chlor says: “With this workshop we are aiming to increase awareness of the importance of robust incident analysis, and of sharing the knowledge from the lessons learned. We will also get new ideas as to how Euro Chlor can improve the information gathering and collection concerning incidents and lessons learned, and of course build the valuable network amongst the members.”

Please note: participation is limited to chlorine producing members of Euro Chlor, but the results will be shared with the WCC members.

For information, please contact Ton Manders tma [at] cefic.be