2017 Euro Chlor Industry Review out now


Review 2017The 2017 Euro Chlor Industry Review is now available via the Euro Chlor website.

Covering the latest important European chlor-alkali industry information, the review also acts as a spring board for Euro Chlor’s newest communications initiative, the 17 Successes. This new programme aims to highlight the benefits that chlorine, caustic soda and hydrogen provide to the European workforce. Over the next few years Euro Chlor will publish profiles of 17 real people whose job is made safer, healthier or more efficient thanks to our chemistry. 

With the current mercury phase out deadline fast approaching (11 December 2017), the review also provides data on current efforts to ensure that this technology is phased out in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.

The review is available as an interactive PDF (where it can be downloaded for phones, laptops and tablets) or as a print version via the Euro Chlor contact form.