700 trees from 70-year old BorsodChem


Euro Chlor member BorsodChem Zrt. in Hungary is celebrating the 70th anniversary of its founding this year and, as a responsible employer, has been committed to sustainability and social responsibility since the beginning. However, the company's commitment to sustainable operation and environmental protection does not end at the factory gate. BorsodChem has already launched a number of sustainability programmes, the spectacular crowning of which was its tree planting action on 14-15 November 2019. The “700 trees from 70-year old BorsodChem” programme aims to celebrate the achievements of the past seven decades by caring for the environment, instead of organising a large-scale celebration, and at the same time laying the foundations for responsible and sustainable operation for the next 70 years. Planting trees is a long-term commitment that is a good symbol of BorsodChem's strategy, as the saying goes, "whoever plants a tree is planning for the long term."

The company believes that even in the neighborhood of an industrial plant, it is possible to create and maintain a healthy environment for both the general public and nature, and that is why it is extremely important for BorsodChem to increase the green space around its site. The jubilee tree planting event is also an achievement in the sense that such a large number of saplings have never been planted simultaneously in the region so far. Employees have also played an active role in tree planting, which reflects their commitment to sustainability and social responsibility, as well as the company philosophy of keeping and improving the existing harmony with the environment in implementing its development projects, as both the natural and social environments are one of BorsodChem's most basic values.

With this symbolic gesture, BorsodChem also wishes to express its gratitude to the communities living around it for their support in the course of past seven decades. This has not been BorsodChem's first tree planting action, the company has planted around 2,500 native trees in its direct neighborhood over the last five years.