AkzoNobel praised for energy saving achievements


Euro Chlor member company AkzoNobel has signed a voluntary agreement with the Dutch government to meet national sustainability targets, due to extensive investments at their chemicals complex in Rotterdam.

AkzoNobel’s investment has further increased their Rotterdam chlorine plant efficiency; leading to an energy saving that is equivalent to the electricity consumption of 26,000 Dutch households. These activities are part of a wider committment to the Dutch Government which could save enough energy for everyone on the planet to make one cup of tea each!

Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs, Henk Kamp praised AkzoNobel stating that "initiatives leading to energy savings are of great importance. It's good to see how AkzoNobel is working on innovative solutions to use energy more efficiently. An initiative such as the zero-gap technology not only contributes to saving targets, but also improves the competitiveness of the companies by reducing energy costs, thus ensuring a stronger industry in the Netherlands."

Knut Schwalenberg, CEO of AkzoNobel Netherlands, added that AkzoNobel's sustainability ambitions go beyond the Energy Agreement. "Currently, 40% of our global energy is renewable and we aim to increase this to 45% by 2020."

More information on the agreement can be found on the AkzoNobel website.