Andreas Amling (Bayer MaterialScience) new Euro Chlor Chairman


The Management Committee of Euro Chlor, the Federation of the European chlorine producing companies, has elected Andreas Amling, Senior Vice President of Bayer MaterialScience, as its new Chairman for a two-year period. Andreas Amling succeeds Michael Träger, CEO of the company VESTOLIT.

Andreas AmlingMr Amling is Head of Industrial Operations Basic Chemicals of his company, responsible for the global operations of chlorine, nitric acid, technical gases and energies. With a capacity of almost 1.3 million tons per year, Bayer MaterialScience is one of the largest chlorine producers in Europe. Business activities of the company are focused on the manufacture of high-tech polymer materials and the development of innovative solutions for products used in many areas of daily life. It is among the world's largest polymer companies.

After having studied Mechanical Engineering at the Technische Universität Braunschweig, Germany and the University of Waterloo, Canada, Mr Amling obtained his degree as Diplom-Ingenieur in 1987. He started his career as research assistant at Kyoto University, Japan. In 1989, he joined the central research department of Bayer Leverkusen, Germany. He gained experience in the dye-stuff production in Brunsbüttel, Germany, and Cilegon, Indonesia as well in the chlorine and polyurethane businesses in Germany and Japan where he acted as Senior Country Representative. In 2007, he returned to Germany and took over his current responsibility.

In 2002, Mr Amling started his activities within Euro Chlor as member of the General Technical Committee. He became member of the Management Committee in 2007 and Chairman of the "Fachausschuss Chlor" of the German Chemical Federation VCI in 2008.

His chairmanship will be based on Euro Chlor's three pillars Sustainability, Competitiveness and Regulation. Andreas Amling pointed out: "My personal commitment is very clear:  Sustainability stands for safe and reliable production, Competitiveness focuses on safeguarding jobs in Europe, as almost 2 million jobs are related to the chlor-alkali industry. Regulation means to be a recognized partner in the political area for climate protection and energy efficiency. That is and will be the top issue in the future."

Further information:

Alistair J Steel, Executive Director
Tel: +32 2 676 73 50

A High Definition picture of Mr Amling can be obtained via the Euro Chlor contact page.

Euro Chlor is a Brussels-based business association representing chlor-alkali producers in the EU and EFTA regions employing about 39,000 people at 71 manufacturing locations. Almost 2,000,000 jobs in Europe are directly or indirectly related to chlorine and its co-product caustic soda (sodium hydroxide). These key chemical building blocks underpin 55% of European chemical industry turnover.