CABB improves its EcoVadis rating and invests in sustainability


The CABB site in Pratteln (CH) has been awarded an EcoVadis gold medal for the third time in succession and the German sites were recognised with a silver medal. CABB has set itself the goal of operating even more sustainably: it is for this reason that investments in safety will remain at CHF 30 million per year. The company is also pursuing clear objectives in the areas of compliance training and the promotion of female management staff. In order to strengthen its sustainability and corporate responsibility strategy, CABB is taking a range of measures:

  • CABB will continue to invest at a high level in the safety of people, the environment and infrastructure. Investments total CHF 30 million per year.
  • CABB is stepping up its training worldwide on the code of conduct as well as in the areas of anti-discrimination, compliance and anti-corruption. Awareness-raising training courses are also being launched in the fields of sustainability, environmental protection and diversity.
  • CABB is setting itself clear goals to significantly increase the share of female management staff. By 2025, the aim is to have 20% of management positions filled by women across the company, compared to the current figures of 15% in both Pratteln (CH) and Kokkola (FI) and 8% in Jayhawk (US).
  • CABB CEO Valerie Diele­Braun signed the “Diversity Charter” in April 2021, the declared aim of which is to promote a working environment characterized by mutual recognition, appreciative cooperation and everyday diversity.
  • CABB is a signatory of the UN Global Compact and participates in the Climate Ambition Accelerator.

Additional information can be found here and in in the 2020 CABB Sustainability Report.