Chairman interviewed in Dutch Chemistry Magazine


Energy is one of the three key components of chlorine manufacture and as such its cost and regulatory environment is of prime concern to our members.

Interviewed at our recent September 2016 General Assembly in Amsterdam by the Association of the Dutch Chemical Industry (VNCI), our new chairman, Mr Dieter Schnepel, noted his aims to help create a level playing field in the energy sector for the European chlorine industry, particularly given the fact that energy costs here are higher than in the US and Middle East. The article further noted that as the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) is currently applied differently between Member States, this creates uncertainty for Euro Chlor members and jeopardises future investment.

This is particularly topical given the recent discussions on the EU ETS and the Euro Chlor drive to have indirect emitters fully compensated upto the benchmark.

Mr Schnepel also commented on how the cumulative costs of compliance with the different regulations (such as REACH) has doubled in the past ten years, bringing risk to the overall competitiveness of the sector.

Positive features were noted in the article though including the voluntary early-start made by Euro Chlor members to phasing out mercury-based technology ahead of the 2017 deadline. Challenges still remain here though the Chairman said including those surrounding the disposal of 5700 tons of mercury, which current treatment capacity may be unable to handle.

Mr Schnepel also noted the commendable progress made since the start of the 2001 sustainability programme which has now been enhanced with a platform to share information on near misses to improve upon the, already excellent, safety record of the industry.

The article is available in Dutch and can be read here.