ChlorineThings help firefighters do their job safely


Aramid fibres are a modern generation of materials made from polymers called aromatic polyamides. They are produced by linking 2 different molecules, one of which contains chlorine, together into a polymer chain. When the molecules react and join together, they release another well-known chlorinated compound, hydrochloric acid. The polymer material is then produced by spinning it into fibres which are used to make textiles.
Aramid fibred are typically very light but extremely strong. They can replace classical materials like steel in a number of applications. Aramids are generally fire resistant, too.

A particular type aramid fibre, called Nomex© and created by the company DuPont, is particularly heat resistant. Garments made of this fibre will not melt and drip or support combustion in the air. These characteristics make them excellent materials for the garments firefighters wear, but also for fire protective racing suits, underwear and masks that race drivers now wear. The material is light, soft, flexible and comfortable. And aramid is really a star when it comes to heat resistance. But it can also be used for bullet protection. More about this you will find hereunder

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