Covestro awarded Solar Impulse Efficient Solutions Label


Euro Chlor member Covestro has recently been granted the Solar Impulse Efficient Solutions Label for two projects proven as economically profitable and environmentally protective solutions: solar-powered greenhouses and a waterborne technology for sustainable textile coating. The Solar Impulse Foundation Label serves as a new symbol and guarantee of quality to those looking to implement clean solutions.

The solar greenhouse dryer aims to reduce post-harvest losses in agricultural products through the use of polycarbonate to construct a parabolically shaped greenhouse. The waterborne technology for sustainable textile coating, meanwhile, is based on polyurethane coatings, making textile production more eco-friendly and easier to handle. Both polycarbonate and polyurethane are based on chlorine chemistry.

The World Alliance for Efficient Solutions,founded under the auspices of the Solar Impulse Foundation, collaborates with start-ups, companies, institutions, NGOs and investors to create synergies, share knowledge and build relationships for speeding up the implementation of clean and profitable solutions.

More details can be found here .