Do I personally use “chlorine things”?


You bet you do! You sleep on them (your mattress) and walk on them (your shoe soles).

You drive on them (synthetic rubber tyres) and wear them (polyester textiles). You work with them (your computer) and communicate with them (your smartphone).

These are all objects that contain no chlorine in the finished product, but they use chlorine chemistry at a certain point in the production process.

On the other hand, you also use many objects that DO contain chlorine in the finished product: you look through them (PVC windows), you treat your illnesses with them (many pharmaceuticals and personal care products contain chlorinated active substances) or you simply eat them (your table salt).

Chlorine things are all around. They are important actors in the quality, safety and comfort of everyday life!

Learn more  about the enormous variety of chlorine things via the Euro Chlor chlorine tree or the Euro Chlor caustic soda tree.