Ercros launches its 3D Plan (2021-2025)


The 3D Plan (2021-2025) of Diversification, Digitalisation, Decarbonisation consists of transforming Ercros into a sustainable company. These three dimensions respond to three fundamental challenges:

  • Diversification: decisive in terms of gaining stability throughout the economic cycle.
  • Digitalisation: modernisation and increasing productivity.
  • Decarbonisation: An obligation for any environmentally responsible chemical company committed to halting climate change.

The 3D Plan defines 20 projects over the period of 2021-2025 will invest EUR 69 million that, in accumulated terms. For the period 2026-2029, Ercros is expecting to invest an additional EUR 23 million. This current plan is a successor to the 2016-2020 ACT Plan regarding Adaptation to Technological Change Plan, which modernised Ercros production and incorporated major improvements in terms of energy efficiency. More information can be found here.