Euro Chlor assumes Secretariat of the World Chlorine Council


Euro Chlor has just taken over the Secretariat of the World Chlorine Council (WCC) as of 1st January 2019 and will lead the operations of this global network representing the chlorine and chlorinated products industries for the coming two years.

Working with industry representatives from across the globe, the WCC discusses a range of important developments including safety best practices and incident sharing, UN Conventions on POPs, Mercury and Sustainable Development Goals and advocacy on chlor-alkali. WCC also organises at least one safety seminar per year, with the next one planned in South Africa from 23rd-25th July 2019.

Euro Chlor’s work includes organising two key meetings a year, managing the WCC Governing Council, Management Committee, Joint Global Advocacy & Science Team, Global Safety Team, Global Sustainability Team and Communications Committee.

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