Euro Chlor Director Dolf van Wijk Managing Director of global chlorine industry network

With a current representation of the chlor-alkali industry of more than 90% of the global production capacity, the World Chlorine Council’s (WCC) focus will now concentrate on further development of sharing best practices in safety, science and communication. 
The World Chlorine Council is the global forum of the chlor-alkali industries and caustic soda producers. It represents more than 90% of the global chlor-alkali production capacity. In 2011 the China Chlor-Alkali Industry Association (CCAIA) joined WCC, followed in 2012 by the Alkali Manufacturers Industry Association India joined, followed by RusChlor later that year. The Council currently represents all major chlor-alkali associations of North and South America, Asia and Europe. The management of the WCC Secretariat is alternating every two years between the USA and Europe and Dr. Dolf van Wijk of Euro Chlor will be Managing Director of WCC
for 2015-2016.
The coming year WCC’s attention will shift from expansion towards progressing key issues of the chlor-alkali industry, including science & advocacy, communication and safety performance.
Safety is of prime importance for the chlor-alkali industry which underpins its license to operate. The basis for improving the safety performance is sharing best practices and learning from incidents which will be a key theme for WCC for the coming years.
Global Advocacy and Science activities will among others continue to document the use of chlorine as a prime disinfectant for key sanitation applications such as drinking water and swimming pools. WCC developed a wealth of information on the effectiveness of chlorine as well as on the possible environmental and health impacts of its by-products, which WCC will continue to communicate to its members and external stakeholders.
WCC has renewed its website in 2014 to ‘walk the talk’ on the Council’s commitment to transparency and informed decision-making. Please visit us online at
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