Euro Chlor groups seeks expertise from members for key roles


To support Euro Chlor in the launch and implementation of its European Mid-Century Strategy (MCS) for a Sustainable Chlor-Alkali Industry as of September, in parallel with the Green Deal/Green Recovery topics being presented by the European Commission, we are urgently looking for expertise and support from our members for the following key roles:

Chairs for three of our key groups:

  1. Regulatory Affairs Committee - monitors legislative developments, develops advocacy and maintains the advocacy network
  2. Climate Change & Energy Committee & Working Groups (in the process of being set up) – monitors energy-related legislation, responds to public consultations and liaises with Cefic (also in specialised Task Forces for ETS, hydrogen, etc)
  3. Communications Network & Committee – supports all Euro Chlor work with communications, especially on the benefits of chlorine, caustic soda and derivatives

We are also looking for mechanical engineers in the Equipment Working Group, which is part of the General Technical Committee and Working Groups.

Please send your nominations to – this is an exciting opportunity to shape the work of these areas and does not involve a high workload.

Click here to get an overview of all the Euro Chlor groups and the full yearly overview will be given in our annual Chlor-Alkali Industry Review currently being prepared for 2019-2020 that will be launched at the AGM.