Euro Chlor helping Indian colleagues to safely transport chlorine


In India, chlorine gas is usually transported via pipelines inside a plant and is not ordinarily transported across an entire site. To help Indian chlorine producers and their government develop legal guidelines for such cross-site transportation, Ton Manders, Euro Chlor’s Technical and Safety Director, took a group of Indian experts to visit the Bitterfeld-Wolfen Chemical Park near Leipzig, Germany, on 23rd October.

At Bitterfeld-Wolfen, a safe and reliable pipeline network is necessary to supply the chlorine-processing companies with their most important basic chemical. During the visit, which included Euro Chlor member Nouryon, the Indian specialists learned about the conditions necessary to safely transport chlorine gas across a site.

In addition, during a tour of the electrolysis plant and pipeline network, they were instructed in the practical aspects needed as well as safety equipment and repair issues.

Mr Manders noted "Our guests seemed to appreciate our input and we look forwards to supporting their efforts to safely transport chlorine across their sites in future."


Visitors to the Bitterfeld-Wolfen site with Mr Ton Manders (right)