The 2021-2022 Chlor-alkali Industry Review has just been launched at in time for Euro Chlor’s Annual General Assembly on 7 September 2022. This year the publication focuses on how Euro Chlor is transitioning towards climate neutrality and full circularity. Its first introduction piece from Euro Chlor Manager, Marleen Pauwels, outlines the key highlights for the strategy, events, publications and introduction of new Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) . The second introduction piece from outgoing Chairman of the Management Committee, Wouter Bleukx, gives more details on Euro Chlor’s strategic priorities and hands over the baton to incoming Chairman Johan Van Den Broeck.

The Industry Review, first produced more than 27 years ago, covers the most important industry information from the past year with key stories, updates and figures. It also covers the latest highlights from the four Mid-Century Strategy priorities of Safety LeaderCompetitive Supplier,Climate Neutral Player and Circularity Champion. Two additional sections give Halogens Industry Sector News and Collaboration & Outreach activities. As in previous years, a print version of the review is also available and can be downloaded as a PDF from

For more information, contact Catherine Birkner, Communications Manager, Euro Chlor, +32 476 760227 or