Euro Chlor launches its Mid-Century Strategy


Euro Chlor has just released its “Mid-Century Strategy for a Sustainable Chlor-Alkali Industry (MCS)” that defines what the sector aims to look like by 2050, as well as the direction planned to ensure that this safe, competitive and green European chlor-alkali industry will be here for the benefit of Europe in 2050.

The work started in the run up to Euro Chlor’s third 10-year Sustainability Programme (2021-2030), builds on the Cefic Mid-Century Vision (MCV) and addresses some future needs of European society in the context of the EU Green Deal. Consultant Roland Berger performed a detailed analysis of industry trends, the development of possible future scenarios and organised interviews with relevant stakeholders. The outcome was Euro Chlor’s inspiring new vision “Towards a safe, competitive and green European chlor-alkali industry” and mission “to be a safe and competitive supplier of chlor-alkali products and an integral part of Europe’s climate neutral and circular economy transition”.

In addition to a new vision and mission, the MCS defines key priority elements that Euro Chlor members will work on in the coming decades. The association aims to keep safety as its main priority, continuing to measure Lost Time Injuries (LTI) incidents and process incidents with a continuous aim for zero, as well as stepping up its focus on safe transportation of their products. At the same time, Euro Chlor plans to contribute to Europe’s climate neutral ambitions by further focusing on its drive for energy efficiency and more closely investigating its carbon footprint. This includes determining the chlor-alkali industry’s role in a more electrified and greener future and striving for 100% hydrogen utilisation. These elements will also help keep the European chlor-alkali industry competitive. In addition, the association intends to better close the loop in its own production processes and work together with downstream users to increase circularity in the downstream chlorine value chain.

Originally planned at Euro Chlor’s Technology Conference last May, the launch of the MCS was postponed to the Association’s Annual General Meeting on 11 September 2020 due to COVID-19. The Technology Conference will now be held on 4-6 May 2021 and give an update on the MCS progress.

More information can be found at, which, along with #eurochlorMCS, will be updated with progress.