Euro Chlor launches third 10-year Sustainability Programme with nine new Key Performance Indicators


The Sustainability Report is a celebration of 20 years of extensive environmental, social, and economic data collection across two consecutive 10-year Sustainability Programmes. The latest report, released at the 2021 Euro Chlor Annual General Assembly today, features the launch of a third programme that involves nine new Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). These KPIs focus on priorities identified in the Euro Chlor Mid-Century Strategy for a Sustainable Chlor-Alkali Industry that will ensure that a safe, competitive, climate neutral and circular European chlor-alkali industry will be here for the benefit of Europe in 2050. Since the launch of this strategy in 2020, Euro Chlor Committees and Working Groups have been developing new tools and metrics that will help move the industry towards its ambitious targets. Progress made on the activities carried out over the past year can be found in Euro Chlor’s 2020-2021 Chlor-Alkali Industry Review, also launched today.

Marleen Pauwels, Euro Chlor Managing Director, commented on the launch of the Sustainability Report, “Euro Chlor has always focused on minimising its environmental impact via a comprehensive data set. New metrics in the new Programme will focus on further reducing energy consumption and carbon footprint alongside waste reduction to help meet Europe’s Green Deal priorities. We will also measure transportation incidents to further extend our safety commitment to the entire supply chain”.

Euro Chlor is also engaging in the debate on hydrogen. Hydrogen is an important product from chlor-alkali manufacture, so the association is focusing on using 100% of its hydrogen by-product by 2030. New activities to come will raise authority awareness on its low-carbon status and high quality. Whilst the sector only represents about 4% of the total hydrogen production in the EU, safe production technology and expertise is readily available across Europe meaning this important chemical is ready to be used to benefit the continent.

The Sustainability report can be found at and a short video on the Euro Chlor YouTube account.