Euro Chlor organising Hydrogen Day on 7 March 2023


Euro Chlor is organising an event on hydrogen on 7 March 2023 in Brussels. Today, hydrogen is seen as a vital building block towards a climate neutral economy. As a key producer of hydrogen in Europe, European chlor-alkali can kick-start the hydrogen economy by achieving the full utilisation of our important by-product.

The goal of this ‘Hydrogen Day’ is to bring members, partners and potential partners together to address any challenges in achieving full utilisation, as well as identifying opportunities to work together. Via presentations, discussions and poster sessions, the event will cover the policy framework and market expectations, as well as chlor-alkali specific applications of new technologies for hydrogen. Click here for the agenda.

Registration is now complete. Contact Maud Bertolino at with any questions. For more information about Euro Chlor’s work related to hydrogen, click here.