Euro Chlor Technical & Safety Director speaks at AMAI international seminar


Euro Chlor Technical & Safety Director Ton Manders gave several presentations at the Alkali Manufacturers Association of India (AMAI) two-day international seminar on the safe and efficient transportation of chlor-alkali products in India on 25-26 September 2019.

In the session III on "Safe and Efficient Transportation of Chlor-Alkali Products", he presented "Bulk transport of liquid chlorine through tank cars/rail cars/pipeline - Regulations, Experience, Safety achieved, Precautions and Recommendations" and session IV on "Chlorine & Hydrogen tonners/cylinders Handling, Inventory & Tracking" he then talked about the "Procedures/Practices & Precautions for loading & unloading of Chlorine as well as Hydrogen tonners/cylinders". Click here to read more information about the event and here to read more about AMAI.