Fenna from Dow features as second 17 Chlor-alkali Careers interviewee


Click here to take a look at the second 17 Chlor-Alkali Careers video just launched with an interview with Fenna, an Improvement Engineer at Euro Chlor's German member, Dow Deutschland. During high school she really enjoyed chemistry and physics classes and did a six-month internship at the electrolysis unit in Dow Stade where she realised she enjoyed the combination of engineering and chemistry, She recommends young people to join this industry as she is really excited to see where the journey of technology improvement and research in this field goes.

Taking ’17’ as our inspiration (from chlorine’s position on the chemical Periodic Table of elements), 17 Careers presents 17 real Europeans, whose work is to produce chlor-alkali chemicals. More of our #17careers examples will be uploaded in the coming months at