Gestioni Industriali Srl (GIG) buys chlor-alkali branch of Ing. Luigi Conti Vecchi SpA


Gestioni Industriali Srl (GIG) is a holding company active in the production of basic chemicals and manages the subsidiaries Società Chimica Bussi SpA, Società Chimica Assemini Srl and Caffaro Green Chemicals Srl. Domenico Greco is Chairman and CEO of GIG.

In 2016, GIG invested in some basic chemical production sites transitioning towards a sustainable business model; in 2020, GIG decided to further expand upstream and downstream of its above-mentioned subsidiaries. Ing. Luigi Conti Vecchi SpA (ILCV), a subsidiary of ENI Rewind SpA (Eni), produces electrolytic-based chemicals and cultivates salt within the Assemini (Cagliari) site. As part of the reorganisation of its activities, ILCV decided to sell a membrane chlorine-soda electrolysis plant and coastal deposit to GIG. GIG and ILCV signed the final contract on 19 April 2021. ILCV produces caustic soda and hydrochloric acid. For more information, contact Domenico Greco at